Best Kids Petrol Go Kart: Funkart Pro 98cc Reviewed

A kids petrol go kart is entertaining for kids who enjoy the thrill of speed. However, parents must consider a variety of factors such as engine capacity, top speed, and safety features before spending on a go kart. As a result, this makes the process of buying one harder and confusing. Therefore, we introduce you to the FunBikes Funkart Pro 98cc, an excellent petrol go kart for your child.

What is a Petrol Go Kart?

As stated, buying and choosing a kids petrol go kart can be confusing and difficult for others. Therefore, let’s first determine what is a go kart and what should you look for before spending your hard-earned cash on one.

Based on its textbook definition, a go kart is a small roofless 4-wheeled vehicle usually used for racing. Furthermore, a go kart is similar to a mini moto quad when it comes to various sizes and builds that depends on its use. Some go karts feature powerful engines that stand out in a competitive environment. Conversely, some go karts feature electric motors that are perfect for recreational and cruising purposes. Nevertheless, guaranteed entertainment and fun comes for every purchase of a kids petrol go kart.

A kids petrol go karts features petrol-powered engines that provide outstanding speed and power compared to electric-powered go karts. Furthermore, some go karts called super karts can easily reach speeds up to 100mph and are one of the main choice for professional-level go kart racing. However, we have only picked a petrol go kart with manageable speeds to provide a safe and entertaining ride for your child.

What to Look for When Buying a Kids Petrol Go Kart?— A Buyer’s Guide

There are many things to consider when buying a kids petrol go kart. Furthermore, the specifications you should look for must fit the purpose of the go kart for an optimal experience. That’s why we have crafted a buying guide to help you on your quest to find the best kids petrol go kart for your child.


Petrol go karts offer various engine power throughout different models. A go kart can reach from cruising up to massive speeds depending on its engine power. Therefore, it is essential to consider the engine power of a go kart bearing in mind its user’s riding experience.

Furthermore, an engine that its user can efficiently handle also promotes safety for everyone. Engines with enormous power are difficult to control for a beginner, especially for a child that has no prior experience in terms of riding. Consequently, we recommend you to purchase a kids petrol go kart that features a 2-4 stroke engine with a capacity of 50cc to 100cc.


Before buying a kids petrol go kart, it is crucial to determine the purpose the go kart will serve. Some buyers look for a powerful and fast go kart to accommodate their competitive needs. Consequently, other buyers sometimes look for a go kart that offers enough power for cruising and recreational purposes. In addition, some go karts

As much as possible, we recommend you avoid excessive features depending on the intended use of your kids petrol go kart. The last thing you’ll want is a kids petrol go kart that’s difficult to control during cruising or one that lacks the power to compete in a race.


Of course, safety is a must when a child engages in extreme sports where unexpected accidents could occur at any moment. Although safety riding equipment is a must, a kids petrol go kart that offers various safety features can go a long way. Therefore, finding go kart that offers various safety features is a must.

Furthermore, some safety features on a go kart include seatbelts, remote engine cut, rollover bar, throttle restrictor, and speed control. With this in hand, we recommend you choose a kids petrol go cart that at least offer a seatbelt and rollover bar to increase a child’s protection if the worse comes.


Riding a bumpy kids petrol go kart is not an unglamorous activity, and surely parents don’t want their children to experience an uncomfortable ride. Therefore, future go kart owners should invest in a go kart that features a solid suspension system that provides a smooth ride for your child. Depending on a go kart and its use, its suspension system varies. Many go karts feature suspension systems that serve a variety of purpose. However, a kids petrol go kart can get away with a simple hydraulic coil shock absorber because of a child’s naturally lighter weight.

The Best Kids Petrol Go Kart from FunBikes

FunBikes Funkart 98cc Kids Petrol Go Kart

Powered by a 98cc 4 stroke petrol motor, this latest product from FunBikes is ideal for kids aged 6+. Younger drivers at parent’s discretion. Featuring a fully automatic drive, simply press the throttle and vroooom, off you go!

Quality Ratings
Safety Features
Pros and Cons

Let your child take their outdoor exploration to the next level with the FunBikes Funkart PRO 98cc Kids Petrol Go Kart! This kids petrol go-kart from FunBikes features a 98cc 4 stroke engine that will surely entertain your child. In addition, the automatic drive of the Funkart PRO provides its user with a buggy that is easy to operate with a simple step on the pedal.

Furthermore, the FunBikes Funkart Pro Petrol Go Kart can easily reach a maximum speed of up to 37km/h. Compared to its electric-powered variant, the engine of 98cc engine of the Funkart Pro offers more power. Therefore, this is an excellent choice for your children’s competitive and racing needs.


Your child’s safety and comfort are FunBikes’ priority; therefore, the Funkart Pro 98cc features a rollover bar and a seatbelt. Furthermore, the seatbelt on the Funkart Pro 98cc is fully adjustable to ensure a secure ride even on the harshest terrain. Plus, the included rollover bar features a durable material that can support the weight of the go-kart to prevent injury in case of a roll.

Moreover, the body of the Funkart PRO is comfortable and roomy with a space measuring between 70cm-85cm for a comfortable ride. Lastly, the FunBikes meets European directives and features a CE sticker.

Braking System

In the suspension and braking department, the FunBikes Funkart PRO 98cc Kids Petrol Go Kart offers a hydraulic coil-over shock absorber and a hydraulic rear disc brake to ensure a smooth ride for your child. The suspension system of the Funkart Pro 98cc can efficiently handle bumps, turns, and sharp curves that are excellent for both cruising and racing.

In addition, this full-suspension setup can easily support a load of up to 68kg, perfect for most child weights. Furthermore, the hydraulic rear disc brake of the Funkart PRO 98cc Kids Petrol Go Kart provides sufficient braking power that can handle smooth and hard braking.

Additional Features

For your convenience, every purchase of the  Funkart Pro 98cc comes with a free assembly and pre-delivery inspection before shipping. Plus, the Funkart Pro 98cc comes securely packaged to avoid unwanted damage during shipping. Consequently, when your Funkart Pro 98cc comes to your doorstep, it is ready to ride and take your child’s adrenaline levels high!

From a go kart buggy for kids up to a kids petrol go kart, FunBikes has you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do go-karts have suspension?

Although most go karts can do without any suspension system, it is essential to have one to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. In addition, a suspension is important for competitive go kart racers since it provides a go kart with enough support during sharp turns. Furthermore, a suspension system protects the go kart from damages against sudden road bumps.

How much does a Go-Kart car cost?

The average prices for a full-sized Go-Kart can cost from £1000 up to £3500 depending on its engine and features. On the other hand, a kids petrol go kart can cost from £700 up to £1500 due to its smaller engine and construction. However, it is important to note that these prices are subject to change depending on a go kart’s feature and specifications.

Is Go-Kart racing safe for kids?

Go-kart racing is mostly safe for kids when done in a secure and controlled environment. However, accidents in go-kart racing are still present and pose a risk to a child; therefore, parents must equip their kids with protective gears such as a helmet, rider’s vest, and gloves when racing. In addition, parents must ensure their child’s go-kart features several safety features to further protect their kids when an accident occurs.

Do go karts use petrol?

Similar to a kids petrol quad, a kids petrol go kart uses petrol to make their engines run. But some companies offer electric-powered go karts to provide parents with a green alternative to petrol.

How fast can a petrol go kart go?

Usually, an average adult racing petrol go kart could easily reach whopping speeds of up to 65kph. On the other hand, a kids petrol go kart usually features a smaller engine that limits the speed of their go kart up to 40kph. However, it is crucial to note the purpose of a go kart to prevent overcompensating on your child’s go kart activities.