M2R 140 cc Pit Bike Review

The benefits extreme sports have for your child vary from health benefits to social benefits. Furthermore, riding pit bikes like these M2R 140 pit bikes also teach children about responsibility by learning how to protect themselves and be safe when riding. With this in hand, we will review two great pit bikes for your child, the M2R Racing RF140 S2 and the M2R Racing KMXR140.

At a certain age, children grow up and start exploring the beauty of outdoor activities. These activities vary from playing sports, running, and even trying extreme sports. From a psychological perspective, involving children in extreme activities, such as riding pit bikes, can help them increase their focus, discipline, persistence; and guides them to control their impulses more. In addition, riding pit bikes is one of the extreme sports your child can enjoy.

kmxr140 vs rf140

What to look for when buying a pit bike?

Some pit bikes are small and lightweight motorcycle toys mainly designed for children and teenagers. Other pit bikes are specifically built for speed and are usually seen in sporting events such as races. When buying a pit bike, there a lot of things to consider depending on how it will be used. Therefore, let’s look at some key features you need to look out for when purchasing a pit bike for your child.

1. Price

Price is an important factor to consider when purchasing pit bikes. Your budget should also consider your child’s current skill level when riding motorized bikes. Usually, a beginner would settle with a pit bike priced under $700. Pit bikes under this price range often get the job done both on and off-road. Conversely, if your child is an experienced and competitive rider, then investing over $700 is acceptable. Pit bikes above this price range are usually built for speed and can handle even the most demanding settings.

2. Engine’s Top Speed

When buying pit bikes, it is important to consider if your child’s current skill level can handle faster bikes. Even though pit bikes are comparatively smaller in size than an average motorcycle, they can reach speeds of up to 60 mph. A faster pit bike can be harder to maneuver for a beginner and could lead to serious injuries.

3. Weight Capacity

What is a pit bike if it cannot support its user’s weight, right? A pit bike’s construction is fairly small, therefore, it can only support a limited weight. For an optimal riding experience, it is essential to note a pit bike’s weight capacity. Usually, most pit bikes are capable of supporting weight up to 150 pounds (68kg).

4. Usage

Some pit bikes are designed for roaming while some are specifically engineered for competitive racing. For you to pick the best pit bike for your child’s needs, it is important to consider how the bike is going to be used. Mismatching a pit bike’s use and specification could lead to an uncomfortable riding experience. Now that you know the the things you should look for when buying a pit bike, let’s continue with the review of the M2R Racing RF140 S2 and the M2R Racing KMXR140!

Being CRF70 based these bikes are bigger than the equivalent CRF50 range by around 10cm in seat height, making them much more comfortable for adults and teens when riding “in the seat”. This 14/12 small-wheeled version has a seat height of 82cm.

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M2R Racing KMXR140 Pit Bike – Review

Starting off with the cheaper of the two, is this M2R Racing KMXR 140cc version, as you can see from the picture it is a great-looking dirt bike. The size of this bike makes it more comfortable to ride. As a matter of fact, this is the small-wheeled version that got a seat height of 82cm. So before buying one, make sure that whoever you are buying this for will be tall enough.

The M2R KMXR140 has an oil-cooled engine to stop it from over-heating, rather than the standard air-cooled ones. To make the performance of this bike better the gearbox has an all-up racing pattern N-1-2-3-4 going upwards. That’s why, you can start the bike faster, rather than taking it out of gear to start it. Furthermore, you can also just kickstart it while it’s in gear.

It comes with black reinforced SDG hubs and chunky knobbly tyres ready to tear some mud up. For anyone who doesn’t know anything about motocross bikes, you will think a seat is just a seat. But this dirt bike features a gripper seat that makes it more comfortable and prevents the rider from sliding off the bike.

For hooning about on fields, through wooded trails, gravel pits and tracks, if you’re looking for a really decent bike, that’s got some ‘trick’, then this is it. And if you want to go further and motocross it, you can easily upgrade the suspension for the ultimate off-road experience. Buy it today and you could be riding it tomorrow.

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M2R Racing Bike RF140 – Review

Next up is the M2R RF140 Series2 pit bike, similar to the previous one, but higher price tag but with a few upgrades. Has the same style all-up gearbox, that can be kick-started in gear. Has reinforced SDG hubs with anodised red spoke nipples. And anodized gold hydraulic front forks, adjustable rear shock.

Has some trick bits that are colour coded such as soft red grips, chain adjuster, chain guide and fuel breather. Also oil-cooled like the other one, to keep the engine temp down. 

A perfect gift for young kids as on their birthdays or on Christmas.


M2R stands for Made to Race, so as its says in the name, this bike is ready to race as soon as you run the engine in. If you don’t, then parts may start to break just like anything that has a engine.

You need to make sure that you maintain your M2R pitbikes as often as possible to get maximum usage out of it. This includes, checking and changing the oil when needed. Oiling up the chain after you have cleaned it, from a day out riding. These pitbikes are 4-stroke, so you don’t have to mix the fuel with any oil.

In this M2R 140 pit bike review, I have tried to put as much information in to help you decide whether you will buy or not. And in my personal opinion is that these are more reliable than the 2-stroke engines.

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